Visiting the Blue Lagoon with a Toddler

While planning our Icelandic babymoon we debated whether to even visit the Blue Lagoon. We had heard that was too touristy, not authentic, overcrowded and technically our wee toddler was 2 weeks shy of meeting the minimum age requirement of 2 years old.

  1. Pre-book your tickets for your desired timeslot to avoid long queues on the day of your visit. If your toddler is anything like ours, waiting in a long line is a sure fire way to start an activity off on the wrong foot, especially if that activity is meant to be relaxing!
  2. Ladies big and small slather on a generous amount of conditioner and put your hair up! We had heard horror stories about how the water at the blue lagoon can do a real number on your hair and so we took the recommended precautions of using conditioner and trying to keep your hair out of the ater. No need to bring your own conditioner as you are required to take a shower before entering the water and conditioner is available in each of the shower stalls.
  3. Move around the lagoon to keep it interesting for your toddler. As a parent of a toddler you already know that they have short attention spans and relaxing activities are likely not their strong suit. The Blue Lagoon is actually pretty huge so it’s actually easy enough to keep them interested by moving between the bar area, under bridges and to areas with different temperatures and views.
  4. Take breaks every so often. There is a bistro where you can grab something to eat and drink if your kiddo is getting ancy in the water.
  5. Pack some warm clothes for after your visit. While the water of the Blue Lagoon is magnificent and warm, the Icelandic air often is not. Make sure to pack some warm and comfortable clothes to change into after your soak to keep those relaxed vibes going.

Have you visited the Blue Lagoon with a kiddo? How did it go?

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