The Bondi to Coogee Walk With a Baby – 5 Tips for Success

This coastal cliff-top walk between some of Sydney’s most famous beaches promises epic views and is a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids. Here are a few things we wish we had known before we set out

  1. Maybe this would have been a good idea before kids, but don’t be crazy and attempt a round trip walk. For most adults the coastal walk will take around 2 hours in one direction. Now factor in kids and you could be out there all day.  Which brings us to our next point.
  2. Make use of public transit to and get to and from the coastal walk. Sydney has really great bus connections that connect both Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach with the CBD and other parts of Sydney so take advantage.
  3. For most people, the coastal walk will be fairly easy to complete. However, parents should know that there are quite a few stairs and while the pathways are mostly wide and smooth, they feature mixed terrain alternating between gravel and pavement. Therefore, while a stroller is doable, if you are traveling with young children we recommend bringing a carrier or be prepared to carry your kids for a portion of the walk. If you are willing and able to lift your stroller up and down some stairs, then bringing a stroller is entirely possible and may be worth it for the extra storage capacity and for keeping everyone cool in the hot sun.
  4. Leave yourself enough time to fully enjoy the experience. Build in some time to stop and enjoy the endless views, watch the surfers try and catch a wave or check out the cliffside playground at Marks Park near Bondi Beach. If you happen to visit in late October or early November check out Sculptures by the Sea exhibit.
  5. Pack the essentials as there isn’t much in the way of amenities along the pathway. Bring enough water, snacks and sun protection for the afternoon so everyone can fully enjoy all that the Bondi to Coogee walk has to offer.

Have you done this walk?  What was your favourite part?