Travel and Formula Feeding

This post is all about formula feeding and lessons we’ve learned throughout our travels.

If you are looking for a handy resource on breastfeeding during your travels don’t fret, just check out this great post by Travel Mad Mum where she covers topics like clothing suggestions, looking after your nips and respecting other cultures.  Definitely worth a read!

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Please note this is not a sponsored post, just items I swear by for any formula feeding mom or dad!

Must have items:

Formula: I highly recommend bringing your formula with you (within reason of course). It may seem like a no-brainer, but many parents would disagree with the value of schlepping your specific brand with you on your travels. Our formula journey started when Millie just 6 weeks old. Soon after, we took a trip to Vancouver for a wedding and took for granted that we would be able to buy our brand of formula when we got there and had to deal with some tummy troubles for a couple weeks after because of our oversight. It is for that reason that we chose to bring our formula with us travelling from then on.  It put our minds and Millie’s tummy at ease on our long journey.

Powder Formula Dispensers: These handy containers are perfect for any on-the-go parent but are extra useful when travelling. We used 2 of the PC Powder Formula Dispensers on our trip to get us through the day but any similar container will do. These dispensers allowed us to pre-measure out our formula to quickly mix up bottles wherever we were without any mess or hassle.

Convenient Bottle System:  Our go-to bottles when we are travelling are the Playtex Nurser Baby Bottles and Drop-ins. We chose these bottles because it meant less stuff to carry around during the day and less clean-up when we got home which makes them perfect for travelling. We also made sure to travel with enough nipples to last us our “longest travel day” to ensure we didn’t run out before we were able to clean.

Bottle Brush & Dish Soap: No matter which bottle system you choose, you will inevitably be doing some washing at the end of the day so bring along your bottle brush and some travel size dish soap. No one wants to be searching for dish soap after a 36 hour travel day in a foreign country!

Sterilizing Bags: Obviously sterilizing is less of an issue for the older babes and some people argue that its not even necessary for the younger ones but we found sterilizing our bottle bits every few days worked for us. We chose the Latch Sterilize Bags as each bag could be used 30 times and held a lot of bottle parts (there are many versions of this product on the market). Sometimes we were washing bottles in hotel bathroom sinks and these bags gave us some peace of mind that things were actually “clean”.  We also found that while most hotels won’t have a microwave in your room that most hotel staff will let you use the microwave in their lunch room.

Clean Water:  We’ve taken a bit of a hybrid approach during our travels. When we knew we would have access to a kettle or stove top we brought a reusable bottle and boiled our water on the road. Other times, including when we fly, we’ve opted for bottled spring water. Whichever option you choose, you can bring your water for formula through airport security, so think about which option makes the most sense for your travels.

Other practical advice:


Book apartment style accommodation. Not that a regular hotel room won’t cut it (I mean a sink is a sink), but its just so much more convenient to have a proper kitchen sink, microwave and sometimes even a dishwasher at your disposal when you are formula feeding.

Get your baby used to room temperature bottles. This was the best piece of advice I was ever given. Room temperature bottles mean you can truly feed anywhere and everywhere. That said if warming is a must, nearly every hotel, restaurant or flight crew will give you a cup of hot water to warm the bottle in.

Get your baby used to feeding with distractions. This was the second best piece of advice I was given when we started bottle feeding. It’s easier said than done in the beginning but its worth the extra effort in the long run.


Keep all your formula supplies together when passing through airport security. Formula feeding isn’t without accessories so zip lock bags will become your best friend. Keep everything together so its at your fingertips when you are going through security. We also travel with two small plastic containers. We use one for the clean nipples and one for the dirty ones.

Be prepared to answer questions. Fed is best. But not everyone agrees. You will likely hear, along with a confused or judgmental look, “Oh, you don’t breastfeed…how come?” more than once during your travels. When it first happened to us it caught me off guard so just be prepared especially if you are travelling with a younger babe.