5 Tips for Greek Island Hopping with Blue Star Ferries

With thousands of islands to choose from, plotting your exploration of the Greek Islands will likely take some time. When we were planning our Greek Island itinerary, I found myself overwhelmed with choice - both of islands and how to travel between them.  After scouring blogs, social media and asking like-minded families we decided to split our time … Continue reading 5 Tips for Greek Island Hopping with Blue Star Ferries

From Frites to Glühwein: 5 Reasons to Visit Brussels in December

You can ask anyone who knows us and they will tell you that we love the sun. As a result we try to travel to the Caribbean at least once per year to escape the cold Canadian winter. But this year we thought we would do something a little different. We decided to cross off … Continue reading From Frites to Glühwein: 5 Reasons to Visit Brussels in December

Surviving a daytime flight with a toddler

Daytime flights with a toddler are a unique challenge. Unless its naptime, your mini-me will likely be full of energy, trying to get into anything and everything and certainly not interested in sitting very still. And that's if they happen to be a good mood. Not exactly the best recipe for a stress-free and easy … Continue reading Surviving a daytime flight with a toddler

Baby-friendly South Island Activities

Wine. Mountains. Glaciers. Penguins. What more could you want? The South Island of New Zealand really is as magical as everyone boasts. There is beauty around every corner. No joke. No wonder New Zealand ranks high on so many travel bucket lists. Read about our favourite South Island experiences below. Wine Tasting at Rock Ferry Wines … Continue reading Baby-friendly South Island Activities

Baby-friendly North Island Activities

New Zealand's North Island is often rushed through or even skipped over altogether in favour of the more popular South Island. There is no doubt that New Zealand's South Island is magical but the North Island is definitely worth your time. Here are our baby-friendly North Island must-dos. Explore Hilly Auckland We had a wonderful … Continue reading Baby-friendly North Island Activities

Top Kyoto Experiences with Baby

Kyoto was a brand new city for both of us and we had a great time exploring all this city had to offer.  For us, Kyoto offered the perfect mix of history and modernity. Whether it was eating our way through the Nishiki Market orwandering the streets of the Gion District, we fell in love … Continue reading Top Kyoto Experiences with Baby

Taking the bullet train with baby in Japan

Taking the Shinkansen or bullet train is a quintessential Japanese experience and a bucket list item for many. We were lucky enough to take the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto and back on our recent trip to Japan and can attest that it's a pretty awesome way to travel.  That being said, there are a … Continue reading Taking the bullet train with baby in Japan

Travel and Formula Feeding

This post is all about formula feeding and lessons we've learned throughout our travels. Breastfeeders...If you are looking for a handy resource on breastfeeding during your travels don't fret, just check out this great post by Travel Mad Mum where she covers topics like clothing suggestions, looking after your nips and respecting other cultures. Definitely worth … Continue reading Travel and Formula Feeding

6 tips for your New Zealand road trip with baby

It can't be denied that road tripping is one of the best ways to travel. However, with visions of car seat diaper blow outs and non-stop tears its something that all too often gets thrown on the back burner when you have a baby.  But with Lord of the Rings level views around every hairpin … Continue reading 6 tips for your New Zealand road trip with baby